Why It Is Better To Get Your Website Built By A Web Developer?

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DIY or DIFM? – This is like a Hobson’s choice.

Should I design and develop my website all by myself (Do It Yourself model) or should I hire a professional web developer to Do It For Me (DIFM)?

Every start-up or small and medium business faces this question when it’s trying to migrate its services/products online to bite into a bigger share of the pie.

Indeed, not having a website is no longer an option. Even conventional businesses need to have a web presence for a 360 degree reach.

Thanks to the myriad options available; creating a website now is no rocket science. With so many ready-to-use templates it is possible to create one within a day, if not a few hours. You can code, publish, and have it up and running, all in a day. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, just sit back and relax, while a professional web development company, like Adaan does it for you, of course with a lot more finesse.

Before getting into a discussion of the pros and cons associated with DIY and DIFM process models, let’s first attempt to answer a few questions:

  • What’s the budget you have set aside?
  • How much time do you have to have your site go live?
  • Are you a little bit tech-savvy?
  • Do you need any, specific customizations to be made to the web template that you have selected?
  • What kind of traffic are you eyeing every month?
  • Do you want to wield full control over the look and feel of your site?
  • Are you looking at gaining a competitive edge in business?

An honest answer to these questions should help you make an informed choice. It will give you insights into your functionality, technical requirements, cost, and scalability. It is not only about building but also about maintaining your site.

The DIY Model

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Using a DIY website builder would mean creating your website from start to finish, using third-party plugins, and payment processing systems (if it’s an e-commerce site). This model is flexible; but it could be overwhelming, especially if you have absolutely no knowledge of web development tools. Later, you would also have to maintain and update your website without support. And God forbid, if you get stuck, you would have to rush back to a rather expensive web developer for help.


Cost Efficiency: The biggest advantage with doing it alone is that you can do it for little or no cost at all. So if budget is a constraint this could be your option.

Absolute control: Building your website all by yourself would mean having full control over the appearance of your site. You can do it the way you want without worrying about any difference of opinions.


Time-consuming: On the flipside, the technical challenges you may have to face with ready-made templates and bug-fixing can be time-consuming and stressful. Having no experience or knowledge about building websites can multiply these issues.

Limited Functionalities: This could be a major issue for those with no technical expertise. As a result, the site that you build may lack in full functionalities and capabilities.

The DIFM Model


Hiring a professional web development company to build your website from the scratch is an attractive option for those who don’t want to deal with any technical hassles. In exchange for the money that you pay, you get a well-designed website with full-suite features.


Professional Design: With a professional web design company by your side, you can expect a sexy website that holds tremendous potential to appeal to your target audience. This will definitely give you a competitive edge in the market.

Better functionality: You can hope to provide the best user experience to your visitors.

Time-saving and hassle-free: You will no doubt have more time to handle more important aspects of your business.


Cost: The cost factor can be optimized if your service provider is experienced and a seasoned hand in the game. Go for a reputed web design company with a strong track record and several years of experience with multiple tools and technology platforms.

In the end, you may not get to do your website once too often. You are probably going to live with it for at least two to three years. So why not spend on getting a professional job done from a professional web developer like Adaan!

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