Social Media Marketing Strategy 2019

Social media marketing strategy

In today’s digital era, a social media marketing strategy is one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign. Having a predetermined and well-researched social media marketing strategy helps you to achieve your marketing goals in a planned way. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have also rolled out business features, which helps digital marketers manage their brands effectively.

A good social media marketing strategy will help your brand achieve the set goals in the given time. This is why it is important to have a good strategy when you take your brand online.

Follow the key steps mentioned below for developing an optimized social media marketing strategy this year:

Set Actionable Social Marketing Goals

Aiming for a million new followers on Instagram in 2 months is unrealistic. On the other hand, retaining existing followers, increasing brand awareness, and achieving a higher quality of sales is gettable. It is better to set realistic goals as they are easier to achieve and it helps to scale the social efforts.

Research Your Audience

Marketers must never make assumptions about the audience for their brand. A marketer must have complete knowledge about the characteristics of his audience as it will help him decide how to attract targeted customers. With the help of social media analytics tools whatever you need to know about your audience is already available. After completing the research about your audience plan a strategy for the best outcomes.

Establish Your Most Important Metrics

A social media strategy must always be data-driven. That’s when metrics come into play. Likes and shares on your post are nice to have but they are not really used to measure the impact of a post as they are vanity metrics. On the other hand, engagement metrics are essential to building meaningful and lasting relationships with your followers. Reach, clicks, engagement, hashtag performance, and sentiments are engagement metrics that must be used to measure the impact of the post.

Analyze Your Competition

Know your competition before you start creating content. A clear picture of the strategy of the competition will help you create a better one. This involves a surface level analysis or if required dig deeper. The goal should not be to copy their strategy but to create a campaign with the right elements that will work in your favour. A simple google search can help you know a lot about your competitors.

Create And Curate Content

Every social media strategy is basically centred around content. Picking the right creative and caption to balance promotion and personality of a brand is a tough job. In general, marketers go with a combination of video content and user-generated content. The content developed should complement the ongoing trends and the best practices of the year. The content must deliver a single message for the complete campaign in order to maintain consistency.


Make Timeliness A Top Priority

Customers expect quick replies and meaningful conversations on a regular basis with the brands. Great content won’t come to your rescue if you leave conversations or other engagement activities unattended. Just by being there for your audience you can gain a lot of respect as a brand. Also, make sure the right posts are being posted at the right time of the day. During the planning stage of the social media strategy, it is better to learn the best times to post on social media to reach your target audience.

Assess Your Result And Optimise

It is important to adapt your strategy after assessing the results of the small goals set by you. A stagnant strategy never works in a dynamic environment for social media. Monitoring the metrics allows you to make certain tweaks in accordance with the necessary changes required. Without continuously analyzing your effort you can never know how a campaign did as compared to others. A complete analysis is important for the best results.

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