Small Business Mobile App – Is it for you?

smb mob aop

Would a mobile app make sense to my small business?

This could have been the one question you may have asked yourself a hundred times. The answer is simple – if you want to be accessible to your customers 24/7 and offer them an excellent mobile experience, you will definitely need a mobile app.

With online activity shifting to mobile, having an online presence is no longer sufficient. Mobile apps are crucial for all businesses, small, medium or large. If you thought mobile apps were only for the biggies and that there were no such things as small business mobile apps, think again.

In a survey of 351 small businesses conducted by Clutch, it was revealed that…

  • 42% small businesses already have their own mobile apps while 30% of the rest are thinking of building theirs in the near future.
  • 55% small businesses that are owned by millennials have mobile apps.

Millennials understand the power of mobile apps since most of them check their phones at least once in an hour. Unlike baby boomers, millennials trust software programs and mobile apps to solve their problems, be it about paying their bills, buying their movie tickets, or making their reservations at a restaurant. This only means one thing – Small business mobile apps are going to be widely accepted in the future.

Small business mobile apps

The best part about mobile app is the push notification that you can send to your customers. Through these updates you can remind them to check out from their carts, notify them about new offers, and send them discount coupons that they can use on their next purchases. Push notifications are great, when they get read, no matter what they are about. 30 to 60% smart phone users open their push notifications and at least 40% of these interact with the app, instantly.

When it comes to providing value to your customers, small business mobile apps can work wonders. They can get any information they want about your business by using a mobile app. On the flip side, you too draw more loyal customers to your fold, who will come back to you again and again.

Last but not the least; you get to improve your customer engagement, while standing out from your competitors. It is obviously a win-win situation.

Small Business

Getting a mobile app built for your small business is no big deal. You can easily find a mobile app development company to do it for you. But before you make your decision, there are a few things you need to do:

  • Identify the touchpoints along your customer’s journey that you can enhance through your mobile app.
  • Establish clear goals that you want to achieve through your mobile app. It could be about building customer loyalty or increasing sales.
  • Set metrics based on your goals and check what qualifies to you, as success.
  • Deploy a simple version of the app on a trial basis. If this works, you can think of developing it by hiring the services of a professional mobile app development company.

Your competitors may not have entered into the world of mobile marketing yet. But remember there is nothing that can stop them from doing so. So, if you are the first in your industry to decide on small business mobile apps, you need not hold yourself back. As a mobile app development company, we at Adaan have created many customized mobile apps for small businesses; and so far, none of them have regretted their decision. We are very sure you won’t either.

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