7 Ways to Generate Leads From Your Landing Page

7 Ways to Generate Leads From Your Landing Page

It’s an age-old given – if you want to increase your sales you will have to start generating leads. And what best way to generate leads than create a landing page.

But do you know how to use your landing page to generate authentic leads for your business?

Here are a few tactics that you can use:

Offer Free Trials

There is nothing like offering a free trial to drum up your business. Who wouldn’t want to use a product or service if they are getting it free of cost? If it involves giving up some of their details they might do it happily.

Work it out with your finance, marketing, and sales teams and figure out how you can go about offering a free trial. Make sure the offer comes with an expiry date. Use online ads to promote your trial. Once people try out your product or service, make it a point to obtain their feedback through personalized email messages.

Let Them Ask for an Insta-Quote

The first thing that a potential customer would want to know about your service is the price. And if you are offering personalized services your pricing may differ from customer to customer depending upon their needs. In such a case it would be best to use your landing page to showcase the benefits of your services, so that your prospects can take the action that you want them to take – request for a free quote.

Offer Product Catalog for Free

Prospects who may be interested in knowing more about your products or services may benefit by a brochure or a product catalog. You can email it to them for free if they give you their email id and other details that you may require.

Provide Free Daily Tips

If you think you can offer value to your prospects by giving away free daily tips, you could use this very tactic to generate leads from your landing page. These tips could be in the form of blog articles or interesting videos that can provide useful information to the readers.

Offer Free Ebooks

One of the most common marketing tactics in B2B as well as B2C lead generation field is giving away free ebooks. If you can create an email-gated landing page to give away your free ebook, you should be able to generate maximum leads for your business. Start working on creating a valuable ebook for your prospects. Within no time you will see them become your customers. Such an ebook will also help in establishing you as an authority in the industry.

Offer Exclusive Memberships

This would be an excellent way not only to generate leads but also to build loyalty among your customers. Come up with some exclusive membership packages for your best customers. You can use your landing page to make them sign up. You could give some incentives in the form of discounts, coupons, behind-the-scene videos, or even first-hand information about your new products or offers.

Reward Your Customers for Referring Friends

Getting your customers to spread the word about you is the best marketing technique you could use to acquire new customers and establish your brand image. You could set up a referral program and start giving discounts to those who bring in five new customers to you. You could deepen these discounts for every additional new client they bring to you. An email-gated landing page would be an excellent tool to engage with your passionate customers.

It is not too hard to generate leads. All that you would need is a smart marketing strategy and a customer-centric landing page. We, at Adaan, have been creating exclusive landing pages that generate authentic leads for our clients. Get in touch with our experts to find out what we can do to your business in terms of making your landing page, simply sizzle.

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