Try Facebook Advertising to Boost Your Business

Facebook Adverting to boost your business

If you haven’t yet unleashed the power of the world’s biggest aggregator of personal contacts, now is the time

Planning to kick-start your business online? Try Facebook Advertising – because Facebook is where all your consumers are!

Recently launched FB Marketplace in India – https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/learn-more – is the best thing to happen to local businesses. If you don’t believe us, go ahead and give it a try.

Unlike other markets, FB Marketplace in India still offers only a few, limited features, and limited business categories – Home & Garden, Housing, Entertainment, Clothes and Accessories, Family, Electronics, Hobbies, Vehicles and Classifieds – but at least these businesses can start reaping the benefits of this new platform.

On https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/learn-more, you will learn where to find FB Marketplace on your personal dashboard, how to upload your product pictures, buy and sell, where to complaint, etc. So get started.

Please note: FB Marketplace is presently open only to product dealers. Service providers will have to wait before they can list their services.

FB Growing and How

Facebook advertising

The number of active users on Facebook exceeds 2.13 billion a month (Facebook MAUs – Q4 2017). This is nearly a 14% increase compared to the previous year (Source: Facebook statistics released on 01/31/18).

You may not want to put all your money into Facebook advertising; but the numbers are definitely too big to ignore.

Gone are the days when businesses had to rely on cold call surveys or direct-mail voting polls to get feedback from their customers.

All this and more can simply and easily be done through a Facebook Business Account. All that you need to do is post a question on your status and wait for the comments to start pouring in.

With the number of FB users almost doubling in the past four years, the future of Facebook is bright, and you’d be smart to ride piggyback on it.

What was once a simple way to connect with friends has now turned into a platform that connects brands with consumers, across the world.

Exciting features like Facebook Live Video, Facebook at Work, Facebook Events and Facebook Shopping Tab have made it easier for small and medium local business owners and entrepreneurs to set up effective marketing strategies to increase their conversions. Moreover, with Facebook advertising being cheaper than any other conventional ad format and other social media platforms, it has become increasingly easy to promote your products and services through the classifieds’ FB page.

Still not convinced?

Here are more reasons to put your Facebook business account to work:

Facebook is low-cost marketing

You can in fact pay dividends to your business by spending as little as Rs 100 a day on your FB campaigns. This is peanuts compared to other marketing channels, for the same or lesser outcome.

By creating a Facebook business page you get all the space you need to display your products or services, images and videos. This way you can make your brand accessible to your customers. As a social media marketing company we have built many Facebook pages for a variety of businesses to promote their services. We can do it for you too, and at best rates.

Facebook is a great way to connect with your customers

Whether you are looking at acquiring new customers or retaining existing ones, FB is the place to connect with all. Start great conversations with your customers and prospects by posting and receiving messages. You can also offer customer support by posting after-sales questions and answers on your Facebook business page. If you want a service that can handle it all for you, try Adaan.

Facebook helps you increase brand awareness and promote word-of-mouth

With ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ features, you can win referral business – generate direct leads and build brand awareness for your business. Get your customers to write reviews to further build a reputation for your brand, and watch traffic building on your site through your Facebook Business Account.

With Facebook you can deliver targeted advertising

Millions of users enter tons of information into their Facebook profiles, each day. By owning a Facebook Business Page, you can make use of all this information to craft and deliver your advertising in a targeted way. You can segregate your target audience on the basis of demographics, gender, age, interests, and even sexual orientation. Using ‘Facebook Places,’ you can also lure people to your store, offering them deals that might interest them.

With Facebook you can go global

FB is no doubt the best way for driving traffic to local businesses. But did you know that you can use this platform to reach out to just about any consumer in any part of the world, using their own native language? You can do this through FB’s translation service. FB translates over 4.5 billion posts every day. So you can engage your audience in the language they prefer.

That’s not all! You can schedule your posts, share pictures and videos, engage with your audience, and measure the results of your efforts, all from a single dashboard. It can be a cake walk with a Facebook Marketing Partner like Adaan. by your side.

Over 70 million business owners have their business pages on Facebook. Nearly 20 million of these are communicating with their customers through Messenger. Another 5 million are making use of Facebook advertising to promote their products and services. Almost 95.8 percent social media marketers have confirmed the power of Facebook to deliver the best ROI. If all this doesn’t convince you, what will?

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