Why you should stop selling on Amazon and build your own E store?

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Rather than investing in your own E store, it seems definitely more convenient to sell your products via Amazon’s marketplace. After all, Amazon already has a huge reach and drives maximum traffic to your listings once you source the product.

With a fantastic infrastructure and readymade customer base in place, you can start making money within a short span of time.

But how long can you shrug off the responsibility of branding yourself?

Also, are you aware that there are only certain kinds of products that can be sold on Amazon?

With your own ecommerce website, not only can you sell any product of your choice, you can also throw in better features and implement more efficient strategies to establish your brand as unique.

Amazon and other marketplaces are good only for a short-term. These can help you generate revenue until you have established yourself as a brand. But in the long run it would be a better idea to have your own branded website.

With the help of a professional online store builder like Adaan, you can get your online store built the way you want, in no time at all.

But let’s first discuss some of the benefits that you stand to draw from setting-up your own e store:

Better Brand Equity


Most people who buy on Amazon have no idea how many sellers are listed on the Amazon platform – virtually thousands in each category. When they make a purchase, they often imagine they are buying the items directly from Amazon. They don’t realize they are buying from a vendor and consequently, can’t differentiate between Vendor A, B or C. For them, all are Amazon vendors.

This kind of a situation can mean only one thing – if you have been selling on Amazon, you enjoy no brand equity. So, if you are looking to build up your brand equity, the only way to go about it is set-up your own E store.

A Solid Customer Base

Amazon, for sure, has a huge customer base. But as a seller, you have no access to this database. So, there is no way you can connect directly with your customers. On the other hand, if you have your own branded ecommerce website, you will have all the details on every customer who has ever purchased your products, and transacted business with you.

  • You will know who they are, what they have bought and how much they have spent till now.
  • You will have all the details that you would ever need, about their preferences and shopping patterns.
  • Imagine what you can do with all this information on hand…
  • You can implement millions of strategies to drive sales.
  • You can notify your customers whenever there is an upcoming sale.
  • You can create special promotions for customers who have bought a specific product.

You can make use of this personal database in any manner you want for any kind of a future marketing campaign or promotion. What’s more, you can personalize your marketing strategies to make your communication even more relevant to your customers

Having your own E store offers endless possibilities to generate revenues and maximize your returns. More importantly, it is something that you will have absolute control of.

Effective and Exclusive advertising Opportunity


Of course you have the option to purchase ads for your Amazon listings. But by doing so, you will only be building up on Amazon’s brand; not yours. Also, there is no way you will be able to track your conversions. Having your own ecommerce website will empower you to buy your own advertising and drive traffic to your own website. Moreover, since you are not going to pay any fees to anyone, the profit that you generate would all be yours.

Option to Generate B2B Sales

Amazon is a great hit among individual buyers. But many B2B customers shy away from this option, especially if they are looking for consistent quality and extra hand-holding with their customers. B2B customers buy products in bulk at consistent intervals. Since they provide stability to your sales they are extremely valuable to your business. With an E store built for your business, you can have an entire database of B2B customers and treat them like royalty. You can even personalize and customize your products according to their preferences, and go that extra mile in providing consistently good quality service.

Improved Product Flexibility

With no listing procedures to follow, you can enjoy great product flexibility when you sell through your own ecommerce website. If you think your product can sell better with a video alongside its listing, you can do that on your E store. You can add your own customization options for your products, and let them change dynamically based on your customers’ choice. You can address the queries and help your customers make their decisions instantly through live chat.

It might take a little while longer to start your own ecommerce website when compared to selling on Amazon; but the rewards from this strategy makes the investment totally worthwhile. If it is about generating your own traffic don’t be worried at all. Right from building your ecommerce store to optimizing it on the search engines, you can get all the help that you need from Adaan.

All that you need to do is get in touch with us and give us your requirements. Then sit back and watch us pull in the traffic to your site – Hurray!

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