5 E-Commerce Digital Marketing Tips to Generate Online Sales

5 E-Commerce Digital Marketing Tips to Generate Online Sales

While the e-commerce market has been flourishing, it also leads to increased competition and makes it more costly to acquire customers. Growth is expected to continue, making it essential to fine-tune your digital marketing strategy for e-commerce. If you feel like you are not making the most of your marketing budget, here are a few tips that can boost your sales:

1. Reach a Wider Audience by Leveraging Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads account for more than 75% of a spend in search. Unlike regular ad campaigns, Google decides when to show your ad based on product data. The search giant reads the title, description, and other information in the feed to decide the search queries and create an intent-driven ad. While they require some effort to get started, Google automates most of the process by creating the ads and displaying them to the right people.

2. Use Instagram Shoppable Post Feature

The Instagram Shoppable posts feature allows businesses and influencers to tag products directly on their posts. It provides a seamless shopping experience, and with the latest Checkout feature, users can buy products without leaving the app. The evolving e-commerce features on the platform also include a virtual try-on powered by Instagram Stories AR filters. When included in your digital marketing strategy, these features can boost sales by offering shopability at discovery and advertising products without being too promotional.

3. Instill Trust with Customer Reviews

72% of customers trust a brand more if they see positive reviews and testimonials. Since consumers always trust other consumers over brands, it is vital to have positive reviews on your website or product listing. Here are a few steps suggested by experienced digital marketing agencies to encourage customers to share their feedback:

  • Send a friendly message to your customers on social media
  • Include a pop-up form on your site after purchase
  • Send a follow-up email after they receive their purchase
  • Share a 30-second survey to find out who had a positive shopping experience

4. Up Your Cross-selling Game with Pop-ups

Cross-selling refers to product recommendations based on the customer’s interests in other items that can help sell more products. To be effective, you want to pair your suggestions with related items, for example, a pop-up for watches for those who have added a t-shirt and a pair of pants to their cart.

5. Personalize Website Content

  • Headlines & Heros: Customize the headlines and hero images based on your target audience to connect with leads early in the journey.
  • CTAs: You can use calls to action as a last bit of persuasion to get your target audience to convert or upsell to known customers.
  • Testimonials/ Logos: Testimonials and logos act as social proof so you can showcase the ones relevant to a particular industry to visitors from the same industry.
  • Product/ Plan Features: Highlight specific features or products that resonate more with your customers.
  • Featured Blog Posts: Personalize your website to feature blog posts relevant to the visitor’s industry or similar to a post they have read before.

45% of businesses don’t have a solid marketing strategy in place. While these tips will still be handy, it isn’t easy to succeed in such a competitive landscape without a well-thought-out strategy. If you are looking for an experienced agency that offers e-commerce digital marketing services to take over the reins, contact us at Adaan Digital Solutions.

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