3 Reasons Why Storytelling Marketing Should Be a Part of Your Strategy

3 Reasons Why Storytelling Marketing Should Be a Part of Your Strategy

If people like a story, 55% are likely to purchase the product or service, 44% will share the story, and 15% will convert immediately. Stories are a great marketing tool since they allow brands to sell their product in a less promotional, more engaging manner. It feels more like a sincere effort to form connections than it looks like a tactic to compel people into buying the product or service. If you are still not convinced that storytelling can benefit your content marketing efforts, here are a few points that might change your mind:

1. Stories Bring People Together

As a fundamental human experience, storytelling unites people. Many digital marketing services use it to form a stronger, deeper connection with the audience. Even far back in history, cavemen used storytelling to communicate, educate, share and connect. Stories evoke emotions and trigger memories, which is what forms a connection since people begin to relate to them. As humans, we are receptive to stories that spark emotions and resonate with us. Stories can drive a diverse group of people to share a common denominator and create a sense of community. Despite our differences, stories connect us through how they trigger the same emotions and our response to them.

2. Stories Inspire & Motivate

Stories help us understand others and ourselves by inviting empathy and making us human. When brands adopt the same approach and use storytelling, they appear transparent and authentic. Brand storytelling makes us feel connected and improves recognition by centering the narrative around their product or service. This technique humanizes the brand, allowing consumers to relate to the story and imagine themselves being a part of it.

One of the most brilliant examples of this is Spotify Wrapped, the brand’s annual marketing campaign which gives users insight into their listening habits. It combines nostalgia and introduces competition in a perfect package of hyper-personalization. By enabling social media sharing options, Spotify also ensures that those who don’t use the app might be compelled to do so and listen to songs on Spotify for the entire year to access their Wrapped data.

3. Stories Simplify Complex Messages

Brands are not the only ones who use stories to convey concepts clearly and communicate effectively. We all use analogies in our day-to-day lives to express complicated ideas. Your maths teacher may have used everyday examples to help you understand a new theory, or a speaker on television may illustrate their opinion through an anecdote.

Stories take elaborate concepts and relate them to comprehensible experiences, making them one of the most effective techniques that are a part of the best content marketing services. Apple, for example, shows how their products benefit the users instead of putting off viewers with technical jargon.

Storytelling can be a trial and error process since it requires the strategy to be tweaked based on the brand’s audience. If you are not incorporating storytelling in your strategy and want our experts to help you out, contact us at Adaan Digital Solutions, a professional digital marketing agency based in Delhi.

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